Anne-Sophie Wichser - Portrait

Who Am I ?

My name is Anne-Sophie Wichser, I’m a nature and animals lover.

I was born in the late 1980’s in Switzerland, this small country located in the very middle of Europe; known for its mountains and amazing landscapes – among other things. Therefore, I was already in a good place to learn how to look at the beauty of the nature. I discovered it since I was a little girl, by hiking in the mountains with my family or simply walking in the countryside, not for the sport but only to watch this nature and its wildlife. Yet I started much later to photograph all these wonders.

My father was a professional press photographer (as a part of his job as journalist) and passionate, he passed on this art to me early. Then came this day when I really get involved into photography: when I turned 12, I received my first single-lens reflex camera which was a Pentax. It was an amazing camera and I still have it ! Both my father and my Pentax learned to me to prepare my pictures: there was no burst mode at that time (and fortunately for the films !). This results in unique pictures; each of them does have its own history, and its full set of memories and emotions.

A few years ago, going out in the nature slightly became the way to keep (or find ?) a balance between my fast-paced professional life as IT professional and the need to breathe and take time for myself. So I didn’t choose the common path of a professional photographer, and rediscover all what amazed me as a child made me gradually feeling the urge to immortalise those moments connected with nature and its wildlife. In 2014, I finally created this website to share them with you, so that you too can discover what’s so precious about our world.